My Year in 10 Images - 2011

So, I was curious what 2011 would look like if I captured it in 10 images.  Here goes:

John and Bethany went to Uganda to distribute shoes for the Uganda Children's Project. 

We got a puppy.  Pepper joined our family in January.

I got to host the BFF's for a "weekend in Asia" which was fun both in the planning and the experiencing.  The theme centered around the cool ethnic places in my neighborhood.  We made bentos, explored Japanese photo sticker booths and took a private yoga class.
Chase and Bethany shared an apartment together in Lewisville.  Bethany brought her puppy Mia over before she went to work at the sushi restaurant each day--which was cool because it meant we got to see her a lot. 
Chase spent the summer as a counselor at Sky Ranch--and got a mohawk.  Crazy kid. He worked as a bartender at Razoo's while in the last three semesters of wrapping up his communications degree.
I started doing yoga daily at 6AM which transformed my practice. I also spent the year drawing cartoons as illustrations for the blog--which was equal parts fun and challenge.

The Texas summer was one of the hottest on record and Mrs. Squirrel  moved to cooler quarters at the bottom of our tree. We left gifts of almonds for her each day.

Bryn married Chase's best friend, Jason. Not only was it a great time with friends and family, but I got to hear Chase's toast and see Bethany's decor skills.  We have such a cool family!  (That's Jason, Bryn and my Father-in-Law in the photo)
There were losses that were difficult to process:  Casey, Kevin, Toby and downsizing at my day job.   Pearl's funeral was a celebration of the family she inspired and loved. It resulted in a great family reunion in Oklahoma. 

Poker nights with the Knights--John's softball team who I adore--happened when there was no softball.   And oddly it is the little things like that that shape your life. 

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