The Shoe Dilemma

Yoga has completely messed up my ability to wear professional shoes. It makes you so ultra-aware of your balance that cramming your toes into a pointed confined space and standing at an angle completely sucks.

So I wear Sketchers. Occasionally boots. But, today I wore wedges--the kind that look good with slacks. And they were KILLING MY FEET.  I was miserable all day.  Well, all day until 3pm when I remembered I HAD FILA TOE SHOES IN MY CAR.
Never has anything felt so amazing on my feet as those toe shoes did this afternoon. I felt like leaping over an ottoman Dick Van Dyke style. 

It was awesome. 

And tonight...well tonight, I went through my closet and got rid of the last of my heels. (Except for one dressy pair that I might wear on a date sometime for two hours...tops.) 

I commit from this day forward to always make my feet very happy! 

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