vegan nemisis

It all started when I walked through the mall and passed a store the color of Barbie's convertible. Over the doorway it said, Sugar Queen.

"What's the deal with cupcakes?" I asked John as we walked through the mall.

"I think there's a show on Food Network."

"There are stores popping up everywhere. It's like it's a 'thing' now."

John didn't even glance at me and kept walking.

"Seriously, it's like cupcake stores are the new Starbucks."

John stopped and raised an eyebrow. "You want to try one don't you?"

Six dollars and fifty cents later he came out with two and handed me one on a napkin.  I am not kidding--it was one of the yummiest things I've ever put in my mouth. And, the sheer deliciousness of it...and compulsion to stop each time I passed the pinkety-pink counter put a serious dent in my quest to be vegan.

But as of today, that stops! Because today...this arrived!

Moskowitz and Romero--who brought me my beloved Veganomicon--produced a cookbook designed to save me from my plight.  There is still a small hitch to work out. I don't actually bake.  So I bought a muffin pan sized for my toaster oven deciding that it would be less intimidating.  After is only six cupcakes, so if it turns out to be a disaster, it is a limited one. 

Stay tuned...

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