First weekend of In-Depth Yoga Studies

This weekend was my first with Shanon Buffington to kick off the In-Depth yoga studies. There are 29 of us and the commitment is intense. To complete the course and become certified, we are expected to attend all weekend sessions (~once a month Fri, Sat, Sun for the next nine months), complete 50 hours of homework, attend 20 hours of classes and maintain our personal practice.

And guess what? I loved it!

Shanon began the class saying that yoga--when you get beyond just the physical practice--is about accessing that 90% of our brain's potential that scientists say goes unused.

As we went around the circle at the beginning of the weekend, and introduced ourselves, it occurred to me that unlocking potential was the reason we were all there.  People shared stories not only of where they lived and how they got into yoga, but also of who they wanted to help by going through this program. Stories of how they loved being students.

So I find myself excited not only about the content, but also about being in a room with 29 people on a quest of becoming. (Even if the first four months are going to be spent on anatomy--which after reading the book, I'm pretty sure is going to kick my a** way more than an Ashtanga class. )

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Yoga Meditation said...

Hey Cathy, you are lucky to take Shanon yoga classes. She is my friend yoga teacher, and she does all yoga postures in class all the time.

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