Really enjoying the Hipstamatic App

It shouldn't be this fun. And in fact, there may come a day when I regret having used it to take all of the Christmas photos this year, but I've had a blast with the Hipstamatic App.  It's designed to give you all of the joy of your old cheap film camera without the expense of developing a ton of film.

The digital photos I get now are mostly perfect. (And if they aren't, I can just fix them in Photoshop.)  But back in the old days (ha!) there used to be some spectacular photos among the terrible ones created through a bounce of light, a grainy texture or other imperfections that came in your roll of 24.

Here are some of the images I captured when I was playing with it:

This is John.

My Dad

Chase and Bethany


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Melany said...

Love the photos. I am taking too many photos with my cellphone too but it's so fun and easy!

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