Taking joy in the mundane

There are tasks that are repetitive and tedious but must be done. Normally, I try to do them as fast as possible without complaining.  Rush through and check the box.

But Saturday, when I painted the bathroom and went grocery shopping--I decided to take my time.  To see if there was joy in the mundane. I slowly and deliberately took off wall plates and removed the curtains. Found the supplies in the garage.  Rolled and edged. The results were beautiful. (I've wanted to change the color ever since I painted it the first time.) But not only that, I enjoyed the process.

The afternoon was the same. I didn't rush. I rode my bicycle to the grocery store near the major intersection closest to our house. (I have a "beach cruiser" which is like the bike I had at 6-years-old, upsized.  It has baskets on the back--which when shopping for two seems to be enough if I strategically balance an extra bag across the back.) I slowly browsed each aisle rather than clipping through my list.

This slowness--which normally would have frustrated me as taking up time that could be spent reading or getting something else done--was actually nice. I enjoyed it.

Maybe this whole idea of intention in 2012 won't be so bad after all...

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