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New Years resolutions just made me feel like a dismal failure as I bummed myself out with expectations I could rarely fulfill, so each year...instead...I come up with a theme. It gives me focus and sets trajectory.

For me, 2012 is a year of intention. The phrase is used in yoga a lot as the instructor asks us to "set an intention for the practice." In thinking about this as a theme, I decided to look it up. From Merriam Webster:
Definition of INTENTION
: a determination to act in a certain way : resolve
: import, significance
a : what one intends to do or bring aboutb : the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered

The idea for me is to place meaningful focus on everything I engage in. To move to more intentional living. To act with purpose.

There is a lot of structure in place already in 2012 to support this. I am signed up to spend the next 9 months in Advanced Yoga Training (200 hours) with Shannon Buffington; I've purchased a year of 6am classes at my local yoga studio; I'm committed for six months of executive coaching via my day job; and John and I have four nights each week committed to the intimacy of simply coming home and being together. 

But maybe more importantly are the moments in the unstructured times.  The minutes rather than the hours.  

While I have absolutely no control over the upcoming life events of 2012, I do have control over who I I choose to engage.  (And I want to be fully engaged!)

If you were to pick a theme for the year, what would it be? 

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Happy New Year!

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