Eviction Notice

I'm tired of all of the products that have failed me.

Shampoos that didn't give me luxurious hair...
Lipsticks a shade off...
Creams that are greasy without moisturizing...
Mostly I'm tired of tripping over you on the way to products I use and like.

Well today I'm done. I don't care how much of you is left or how much I paid for you, this is your eviction notice.

And I'm not replacing you either. Your function will now be served by a multipurpose, natural product.  Baking soda, grapeseed oil...something that wouldn't poison a child if they got into it.

I'm tired of wasting money on the hype--where only one product in 20 delivers.  If there is a good brand out there, I've found it.  I'll keep using it.  But all of the others...OUT!

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