Olive oil and vinegar tasting...who knew?

This weekend, my sister took me to a really incredible store in Fort Worth. Located at Hulen and Overton Ridge Blvd. The Virgin Olive Oiler, sells high quality balsamic vinegars and olive oils and offers tastings.

What is really interesting though is that this stuff is AMAZING.  Straight. While I was there I tasted basalmics that were good enough to drink--nothing like the grocery store varieties I typically stock at home.

And you don't have to be a gourmet to enjoy it.  I tried the dark chocolate balsamic with blood orange infused olive oil and it was wonderful simply in the little plastic cup.  Sprinkling it over fresh fruit would have been divine.

The choices were plentiful and it was hard to pick, but in the end I went home with an 18-year-aged balsamic and a wild mushroom and sage infused olive oil...knowing that I will be back soon to pick up other varieties.

So, if you happen to be in Fort Worth, the store is definitely worth a stop.  And, if you aren't in the area, they have a full selection online shipped to your doorstep: http://www.thevirginoliveoiler.com/. If you aren't sure what to pick, you can always try the sampler box.

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