A story about Bird and Dog

My parents have a little dog, Bandit. Bandit enjoyed his life as an only child.

One day when my dad was standing by the curb out in his yard, a little white bird landed at his feet.  When he stooped down, the bird didn't fly away, so he offered it his finger.

It stepped up and Dad could see it was a white parakeet. Dad brought Bird into the house.

Dad got Bird a cage--which it doesn't like to leave. (We chalk that up to some harrowing experiences living outdoors).

However, there was a small problem.  Dog did not like Bird.

Bird sang happily in the window. Dog ignored it.
Dad talked with bird. Dog ignored dad.
Mom talked with Bird. Dog sulked.

Eventually, Dad got Bird a bigger cage and moved her back to his office, and a strange thing happened.  When Dad played the song, Amazing Grace,  on his computer, Bird sang.
And Dog sang.
In fact, Dog jumped up in the chair close to Bird and the two sang together.

And somehow Dog and Bird have developed a relationship as a singing duo.

And Bandit stopped minding that she was part of the family.

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Dee said...

I like how music draws people and apparently animals together.

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