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I listened to a couple of hours of leadership talks this week as I was driving, and while the advice was pretty solid it kept occurring to me that as a whole, it fell short.

There are basic skills we can learn from books and training materials. This might be time management, sales techniques, organization, communication... There are things that can be effectively gained by implementing structure.

But it occurs to me that to be truly great requires something that can't be implemented by following another's technique. When it comes to our own unique purpose, we each have something inside ourselves that could write the book that isn't on the shelves yet.

It would seem there is much to block this becoming who we are. Fear, discouragement, anger, lies we tell ourselves, a lack of faith that such a thing might really exist for us...  To become requires a relentless pursuit of the One who created us.  A day-to-day willingness to open, listen and surrender.

Some of the people who do that will be celebrated loudly.  But it occurs to me that far more, will change their own worlds without a single bit of fanfare.

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