Sometimes the first step is tying your shoes...

Earlier this month, I was the recipient of an e-mail that a friend sent to a string of people close to them. It described a situation that far too many people are living at the moment. Lay off. Odd jobs. Not enough for living expenses. Discouragement.

Though John and I knew our friends must be struggling, I have to admit we weren't really doing anything--not until they asked. Now a month later, they have work, a place to live--and while I'm sure there are still tangible needs, there is no longer discouragement. I received this e-mail...

Without writing a novel, I just want all of you to know how thankful I am for each of you. Thank you for believing in us and in God's story for our lives. Thank you for encouraging us when it was easiest to give up. Thank you for being the physical hands and feet of Jesus when we needed his care the most. I'm learning that prayer and communion with God are not only ethereal and mysterious, but they are tangible, physical experiences that sometime require us taking action to enter into.

I've thought a lot about that last sentence since receiving the e-mail.
Require us taking action to enter into.

It occurs to me that most of our thinking about miracles is formed more by tales of faery godmothers with wands than by people picking up their mats and taking that first step with their friends all around them.

I was grateful my friend reminded me of how beautifully God works in community. And how much more effective that can be than wands with animated glitter.

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