What to order at a cocktail party when you are NOT drinking...

Ever since I've started doing yoga daily, my body has "quit" alcohol.  It wasn't a conscious decision. It is just that each time I thought about having something, it made me feel yukky.  As if the relaxation you get from yoga and the relaxation you get from alcohol don't mix.

And yet, I still have to attend social functions where it is always better to have a drink in your hand.  And since I've been on my drinking hiatus I've noticed something....there are a lot of people who go to parties who don't drink alcohol, yet they still get really interesting drinks. This is what they order:

1. Virgin Bloody Mary
2. Bitters in Sprite
3. Gingerale or root beer in a frosty mug.
4. Virgin Mojito. (Sprite, lime, crushed mint).
5. Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, twist of lime and a cherry. (It isn't bad.)
6. Virgin pina colada. (Pineapple juice and coconut juice.)

So, if you happen to be the designated driver, you don't have to opt for just soda.  You can get things that are much more interesting.

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