Yoga Studies...part 3.

This weekend was my third session of InDepth Yoga Studies with Shanon Buffington. The second session focused on the way anatomy relates to asana (the physical movements).  This was a continuation of that topic....and focused on backbends and lateral extensions.

I know I took anatomy during biology in high school, but there is something completely different studying it in the context of yoga. (Maybe because this time I'm paying attention.) I've had to correct a lot of my movements to better align them with my body.

The cool thing about backbends, I learned (and experienced) this weekend is the energetics of it.  They give you tons of energy. And the laterals made me breathe easily without a hit from my inhaler.

And--this for me is the best part--I was able to get up into wheel pose without a spot, because one of the students there taught me using blocks. So awesome!

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