Guest post by Big Tea | Peep Wars 2012

My husband blogs (maybe four times a year) as Big Tea. I loved this post of his because it captures a moment he had with our daughter this week. Peep Wars are a bit of a family tradition. (If you can call it that.)


With Easter nearly over my daughter and I decided to revive a family (sort o) tradition and have a peep war.  Giving her first choice she immediately went with the pink chicks and I took the remaining yellow ones.  Quickly we released the small soft warriors from the protective packages.  Next we each chose a toothpick weapon, looking at length, flexibilty and sharpness.  Eventually we both settled on the best available weapon and armed our fighters.  Once armed we slowly and carefully placed them on the protective fighting surface, positioning them with the utmost care.

Finally, we closed the chamber and stepped back to allow the fighters room to practice thier craft.  As the carousel began spinning they both began to puff themselves up in hopes of dishearening the opponent, but these were both TRUE warriors and neither backed down and the spears inched closer and closer until, finally, a winner was declared.  The yellow fighter barely got the touch in before the pink chick could finish him off, and that ended the first fight.

All in all, Peep Wars 2012 was won by Team Dad but it was a hard fought battle and the plucky daughter promised to be back in 2013 for another try.

The seldom seen 'Dark Side' of peep wars.

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