On leadership

The older I get the more I’m convinced that the leaders are the ones who discover their true selves. They risk giving up all of the “should” and “supposed to’s” to follow that calling in their soul. In large part, for the leader it doesn’t matter if there are followers. They would do what they are doing whether anyone was behind them or not. Yet, when they are doing it, their passion inspires others to join in. Their core belief in their cause and intangible sense of knowing the next step draws others who believe in the same cause adding their talents and gifts to the journey.

In praxis, it is important for leaders to implement practices that make it easier for them to “hear” that calling, and to be able to clarify that mission to the ones following.

Sure there are strategies…people skills, financial planning, skill of their craft...but those always appear to pale in comparison to a person who devotes their life to the pursuit of a passion. I actually believe that each person has this in their core, but there are enemies to leadership…distractions, doubt, fear, hubris. Perhaps the “one thing” to being a successful leader is learning to turn down the volume from the enemies so they don’t drown out the call.

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