Exploring minimalism

There was a time when I had closets full to bursting, drawers that wouldn't quite shut, hundreds of books for which I didn't have shelf space and furniture that was a little too big for our house.

I'm not sure when I was introduced to the idea that I didn't need it. That the world wouldn't stop--and in fact my life would get better--if I let it all go.

I just read Lorilee Lippincott's book 3-2-1-Stop which explores this idea. She takes it beyond the physical world of "stuff" and into time, money...and even yourself.  I wish I'd encountered this book 15 years ago.

If you've ever been interested in living a little bit freer, this book is for you.  It isn't a big complex read.  In fact, the style is as simple as Lippincott is encouraging you to live.

It is available on Kindle (the way I read it), in PDF, or paperback. Worth your time...and in fact, may result in freeing up more of it.

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