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- I am actively looking to purchase an affordable used scooter to put my new Class M to good use.

- As of this morning I am 8 lbs down from when I first posted "The Weight Game" post. (Why yes, posting your weight and unflattering photos of yourself on the world wide web IS motivating to stick to a 1200 calorie a day low carb vegan diet.) The Livestrong app is making a big difference in how I'm able to stay on target.

- I am reading a lot of really good books lately. I tracked down Indra Devi's book from 1950. (She was the first Westerner to study with Krishnamacharya and took yoga practice to California in the 1940's.)  I'm also reading Rod Stryker's "Four Desires." (More on that later.) Also in the middle of Jonah Lehrer's How We Decide.

- My mom is in a nursing home and it is looking to be much longer term than we'd originally hoped.  Diabetes has compromised her legs and she is in a wheelchair. I will get to see her on Friday to find out more.

- Have been spending a lot of time contemplating what minimalism looks like in a modern day life.  How do we let go of "things" and their related responsibilities and entanglements to make more room for what God actually wants to do in us?

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