Sometimes you get surprised...

Friday morning, I was checking my feed reader and saw this.  Samax Amen had drawn me.

Samax is part of the talented Ghostwerks crew who produce comics designed to inspire children. Not only are these guys incredibly talented artists, they are incredible people.

And their project is one worth supporting.

The Ghostwerks crew has always been about creating positive messages in the lives of kids to help drown out far too many negative ones.

Check out the Return of the Champ Kickstarter page and plan to contribute.  Your donation doesn't have to be huge...a crowdsourced effort to bring this book to life and get it into the hands of kids.

P.S.  And Samax, if you see surprised me...and it was a well-timed reminder that good things can still come out of the blue.  I'm not sure I can quite explain how amazing it is that you captured joy on my face.  It touches me more than you know.  Many thanks.

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