I've come to believe that humans are much harsher judges than God is.

In fact, most of us spend our lives living an episode of Seinfeld where we are quickly labeled as low-talker, man-hands, re-gifter, double dipper... With acumen, we are found lacking, labeled and set aside.  And though people are likely not to tell us this to our face, we know.

Worse, we operate on the same continuum.  Parsing people and throwing them into bins as worth (or more often not worth) our time and attention.

It occurs to me that God doesn't do this. There is no game of "one of these things is not like the other." Just love. A love that transforms us...and helps us see that there is so much more to us than the stupid labels humans chose.

There are reasons Jesus said, "Judge not."  I think the primary one being we simply suck at it. 


Kristi said...

Well said, and something I am learning daily. We are usually our own worst judge. If only we could see ourselves and others as Christ sees us.... That is my desire.

Cathy_H said...

@Kristi...mine too.

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