On magic in the world...

Something inside of us wants to believe that there is magic in the world.  Why else would we love the epic stories like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter?

We've experienced good vs. evil.  Doesn't something inside of us believe it is possible for us to play a role in tipping the scales? Isn't there something that wonders if there is more than we see with our eyes?

But we get busy.  We go to work. We buy groceries. We watch TV. All the while ignoring that there are comrades falling, arrows flying and fortresses around our hearts that are dying to be scaled.

What if all we have to do to see the essential invisible is to close our eyes and become aware? Would we see the deeper that goes on all around us if we weren't so blinded by the input given to us by our eyes?

I believe it is worth trying.

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