Praying in Color

I went to a contemplative prayer retreat this weekend led by David-the-Artist-Pastor.  One of the exercises that we did was "Praying in Color."

Ever since David gave me the book by Sybil MacBeth this has become by far my favorite way to pray for people. 

The concept is simple.  You simply draw a shape, write the name and embellish it as you think about that person.  It can be a wordless prayer.  You simply focus your attention on the person and lift them up to God, then the act of coloring helps you stay focused. I find this especially helpful when I don't have any details about why my friend needs help..  Or sometimes I do know details, but the situation seems so overwhelming that I don't know how to pray.  The coloring isn't in trying to create something, it is more reflexive...something your hands do to hold your attention.

I love it that I have people in my life who don't see faith as a box whose boundaries are to be learned, but as an adventure to be explored. Adventures can lead you to really interesting places...even praying with boxes of crayons.

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