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I was inspired by Dawn Michelle at Minimalist Beauty to try creating my own mineral makeup.

Arrowroot Powder (which you can purchase at most healthfood stores) served as the base.  I ordered additional minerals from Coastal Scents so I could mix a color that matched my skin. My first experiment only used Sienna Oxide (a blend) and Yellow Iron Oxide.

When I tried it on my face, the result was sheerer than what I usually wear (though not sheerer than commercial mineral makeup.) I spritzed my face with a fine mist of water to make sure the powder "set." 

The result was surprisingly good and at a fraction of the price of mineral makeup from the department store or drug store. Of course the real test will be as I wear it this week to see if it holds up to my day but the idea of being able to create the perfect color in volume sounds amazing to me--especially since Origins canceled the foundation I loved three months before there would be a replacement.


Kristy said...

I am very interested in this experiment! I don't wear makeup myself, due to a combination of being cheap, lazy, and allergic. Seems like your formula would potentially solve at least 2 of these problems. (And if you ever find a solution to laziness, please let me know.) I've never heard of arrowroot powder as a base, but that makes a lot of sense. I wonder if it would make my face itch?

Cathy_H said...

Sounds like a good experiment! (But keep Calamine lotion and Benadryl nearby.)

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