My week as a dog...

Actual text message this week:

Me: Pepper got a bath.  But Pepper did not want a bath. Many towels were soaked in this project.

John: Poor Pepper.  Trapped with a Type A person with nothing to do. 

As it turns out, "doing nothing" was both parts wonderful and difficult at the same time.

Saturday through Monday I actually did "do nothing" sleeping most of those days. On Tuesday I redecorated my bedroom and the rest of the week, I read.  A lot.

As you probably guessed,  "a week as a dog" isn't real in the slightest.  One of the things about "doing nothing" is that it creates an awful lot of time to think.  And I'm fairly certain Pepper doesn't get inspired by geeky books to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. (Though she was pretty excited that I spent a lot of time with her this week.)

As for the media fast, it was only partially successful BECAUSE I USE THE INTERNET FOR EVERYTHING and I have everything connected to everything.  I did actually stay off of my work e-mail.  And I didn't surf Facebook (though I couldn't resist checking in a couple of times). 

One of the big revelations of the week to me was just how very much I needed the rest.  I feel more centered...balanced even. So, if you ever get to spend a week as a dog, I highly recommend it.  (Just be sure to line up some geeky reading material first.)

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