My week as...

Each year, I take a week of vacation to live my life as I would as if I had no other responsibilities.  It gives me a chance to test drive things.  Some things I learned I wasn't cut out my week as an interior designer or my week as a trophy wife. Other things became integrated into my my week as an artist and my week as a yogi.

This year, I've decided to live my life as a dog. Track with me here for a moment...

Every day as I pack up my stuff and grab my keys, Pepper cocks her head and gives me this confused look. It is as if she is thinking..."hey? where are you going? why don't you stay here with me and take a nap on the floor? when we wake up we could chase a bird...then nap again.  yeah...nap."

And so, this week, I think I will take her up on her invitation.  Just naps and a few walks.  Heck, I might even chase a bird.  The goal of the week would be to live completely dog-like.  Present moment.  And, so that I'll stay on track, there will have to be a week-long sabbatical from the internet.  No blogging, facebooking or checking e-mail.  (Because nothing can pull you out of the present moment like something you probably should be worried about or three hours lost chasing hyper-links. ) I'm definitely going to have to un-smart my phone.

And while the "living my week as a dog" may sound silly, most of the time our vacations aren't really vacations.  As it turns out, this time I plan to take a real one.

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