Happiness is a choice

I am convinced that happiness is a choice.  That it has more to do with what you believe about yourself than it does with your circumstances.

People rarely think about where the emotion comes from when falling in love. While they may feel like it is inspired by the other person, the reality is that all of the emotion is emitting from inside themselves. Yes, the other person is the focus of their affection (whether worthy or not) but the core emotion is generated from within. (And often we fall in love with the idea of a person that isn't actually real at all--something many broken hearted teenagers have realized when the object of their affection falls off the pedestal.)

If all of those emotions generate from inside of us, then I believe we have the power to shape how that energy gets channeled. Not the power of positive thinking--which only goes so far--but the way that we enjoy and engage the beauty around us.  The people and things we fall in love with.

My friend, Kim, is in a wheelchair from a recent injury, and while she battles discouragement because everything she used to do easily is now physically hard, I never fail to see the light in her eyes in the pictures of her therapy.  Kim is making a choice to be in love with her life.

We can make that choice too.

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