In-Depth Yoga Studies - Weekend 12 - Thoughts on Student Teaching

So, this weekend was student teaching, and while last week I was a little nervous when I spoke for an hour on social media at a conference to 100, that was NOTHING compared to student teaching for the 20 or so of us who are about to receive our certification.

My 10 minutes is focused on explaining the concept of bandhas and leading a few poses that leverage them, then taking people into savasana. It is a strange thing to be at the front of the class, looking at people you respect and enjoy and then telling them what to do all the while wondering if you are doing it "right."

As I read through their evaluations, it was helpful feedback. (And not surprising, I knew when I had lost them while I was actually teaching.)

As the weekend went on, I was continually amazed to see how far we have all come since the first time we ever did this.

In two weeks, we test.  Shanon is launching an amazing group of yogis for 2012!

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