Living in the land of opportunity

I was reading Lorilee Lippincott 's blog Loving Simple Living earlier this week. She shares about her minimalist lifestyle. Her family of four has downsized to a two room apartment and much of her story is about how living simply in terms of possessions and expectations creates more time for the things in life that are truly enjoyable.

We live in a world full of options. And we can get so caught up in our choices. Deliberately limiting our choices--such as what we wear, what we cook, our activities and the space we require can create opportunity. I think because it frees up the only resource that is truly valuable...


I was thinking about this post when a song came on my iPod by Stephen Curtis Chapman that sounded very much in harmony with what I was typing..."I can live like a prisoner of all that could be, living in the land of opportunity.  But a heart pure and simple is a heart that stays free."

Rock on Lorilee. And thanks for the reminder. 

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