Simplify | Purging the Unitask Items from my Kitchen gave me the word for what I did in my kitchen last weekend.  They have a feature called "Unitasker Wednesdays".  A unitask tool is something so specialized that it only does one thing.  We tend to buy them because we have a 'hey, that would be cool' moment rather than purchasing to meet a need. While I didn't have anything as glamorous as the tomato holder in my cabinets, I did get rid of:

- a waffle iron
- a sandwich maker
- a snow cone machine
- some weird spoon that didn't match any other spoon I own
- a couple of random dishes

Most of what I let go of are things I rarely used.  Note that I didn't say 'never' used, just rarely.

In my pursuit of simplicity, it makes more sense to limit to multifunctional items that get used a lot--like a griddle that can handle pancakes, tortillas, vegetables, etc. rather than having a single-use item like a waffle maker.

What was interesting is that it freed up a cabinet making it super easy to get to my popcorn popper--something I happen to use a lot.  (Yes, the popcorn popper is unitask--but it is a task that happens often.)

What unitask items do you have in your kitchen?

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