In Depth Yoga Studies | Weekend 13 | Testing

After 10 months of training weekends, personal practice hours, reading / studying and weeknight classes with our teacher, we finally came to the goal--testing for certification.  And it was daunting. The written test on Friday night took well over an hour.  (Allyson-in-Triplicate and I were the first to finish up, turning them in at the same time.)  Saturday was the practical exam where we did our student teaching.

Our teacher, Shanon Bufington, was in a car wreck last week and had surgery on her hand.  I was really surprised to see her at the testing but there she was...propped up with pillows and pain pills. It was a moving testament of her commitment to us.

It's hard to explain the bond you form going through this training together.  Yoga is a transformative practice and there is something connecting about the shared experience. As we filed out on Saturday, we did so slowly.  Lingering.  Hugging.  Tearing up.  It was hard to think about this chapter being over. One thing is for sure as we practiced together for the hours it took to do the practicum, for the first time we were all teachers. There was a level of confidence and skill in all of us that hadn't been there before.

If anyone who reads this blog in the DFW area is interested in the In-Depth Yoga Studies program,  registration is now open for 2013.  There are a limited number of spots, but I can attest, it is well worth doing whatever you need to do to carve out the time to make the commitment if you can get in.

--Random Cathy, RYT (well, once the paperwork catches up)

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Wow! Congratulations! What a great dedication of your teacher Shanon Bufington she deserves a reward from you guys!

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