Meditation and a sense of wholeness

For me, one of the benefits to spending time in meditation is that I seem to develop a sense of wholeness.  Not that meditation makes makes me whole.  It simply helps me be aware that I'm whole.  As if by pressing pause on all of the thoughts about the hats I wear, responsibilities I carry, problems I solve, daydreams and vanities gives me a sense of just being.

And that sort of 'just being' feels whole.

The part I didn't expect is how that sense of wholeness follows me around even during the times I'm not meditating.  I'm not sure I ever realized before how many things I did in awkward attempts to complete parts of myself I thought were missing.

Things I purchased.
Tasks I did.
Interactions with people who impressed me.
Ways I felt like I was lacking.

The odd thing is that when you have a sense of being whole, those weird drivers sort of dissipate.  And what is left is the motivation of enjoyment.

This is a new journey for me.  One that is still unfolding.

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