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In going through the practices of: Simple Living - 30 days to less stuff and more life there have been a lot of great exercises, but the one that surprised me was the one on Surfaces. Lorilee has you clean off everything on your kitchen counters, live with it for a week, then only put back the things you use daily. And I discovered...

My kitchen is so much easier to use!

The surprise part is how cooking is faster when I'm not dodging canisters, oil bottles and other stuff.  Also the visual is a big deal.  It is easier to navigate. The kitchen feels simpler.

Melly-the-Rocker-Chick said, "The most effective for me was just breaking down organization into little projects. Seeing a clear difference has helped. I think another effective point was that I thought of ways I could help others, such as donating unused make-up, perfume, and purses to the local women's shelter."

Okay Minimalistas! What's your "progress check"?  How are the exercises you've done from the book so far helping you? 


~Q said...

I think it is really helpful. Things have gotten a bit out of hand lately, and these exercises are a good way to motivate me to reign things back in. And it's kinda fun - I feel like I'm accomplishing things!

trish said...

The kitchen exercise was perfectly timed for me. I've been on the process of the past few weeks of refinishing cabinets which led to painting the walls which led to organizing the drawers, etc. you get the idea! I had all the clutter out of the kitchen during this time. Putting the kitchen back together it was easy to realize that a very small amount of the stuff actually 'needed' to go back!
And the underwear drawer? Without getting too personal, that just was fun!

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