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In continuing with the practices of: Simple Living - 30 days to less stuff and more life the chapter that spoke most to me this week was the one about "dead plants."

Lippincott writes, "Throw out dead plants. If you are anything like me you have a few plants that you are trying to coax along. They aren’t pretty and have had several close calls. … it may be up in the air if they will pull past the last one. It is okay not to have a green thumb. Life is precious, but putting a plant out if it’s misery is perfectly humane."

But then Lippincott makes the statement that...
there are a lot of metaphorical "dead plants"...the things we have because we feel like we should be the type of person who "can care for plants." 

As I looked around my house for "dead plants" I found a number of things that I simply needed to give myself permission to let go of--including my collection of rubber stamps.  When I first got into papercrafting many years ago, they were the launch of what eventually became my love of drawing.  But, I no longer use them--even though I feel like I should.

Okay Minimalistas...did this chapter speak to you? What dead plants did you get rid of? 

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