When we are drawn to what takes us out of balance...

One of the ideas we've learned in yoga is  an Ayurvedic concept that when we are out of balance, we are drawn to what takes us further out of balance.

My "dosha" or makeup is heavily "pitta" (fire)--which means that when I get out of balance, it tends to be in that area. "Fire" people are typically very driven, get things done, etc.  That's on the positive side.

I've had a very "pitta" few weeks.  Lots of amazing ideas and interactions, 16-hour workdays, traveling, producing....and I love it!  Not just what is happening, but the whole mode. That go-go-go...how much can we possibly cram into a schedule, can't stop checking e-mail, etc.  I thrive on it.  The thing is, that mode isn't sustainable.  I burn out.  Typically what happens when I am in that mode is that I hit the wall.  I get physically sick.  My body takes me out of the game.

In that context, I learned something recently about the power of yoga. After a very pitta week--one I was completely enjoying--I went to a teacher training weekend. In high pitta mode, I couldn't meditate (my mind was completely absorbed with my to-do list and virtually editing an article I was writing).  I practiced as the teachers were student teaching, but again, my mind kept chasing after its conquests...then we did yoga nidra.

And suddenly, my mind was quiet.  I was back in balance.

I was able to be fully present at date night.

I edited my article with a more critical eye.

I slept well without stressing over that which was still left undone.

We often think about yoga as a healthy physical practice, but one of the things that I've learned in training is that it is a life practice--one that touches every part and makes it better.

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