Simplify | 7 Essential Lifestyle Questions

There are so many choices we make simply because that is what is modeled for us.  It takes real attention to notice what could be different.

To really move toward a more sustainable lifestyle we have to be willing to question our own patterns.

  • Why do we live in the place we live? Are those reasons still valid?
  • Could someone else be using right now what is lying unused in our closets and garages?
  • Has our phase of life changed? Would a reframe of our lifestyle create a better fit?
  • Do we think about where the food / services / stuff we purchase comes from?
  • Where does the waste we produce go? Could we change that?
  • Do we purchase things to influence what others think of us?
  • Do we use things as shortcuts to relationship?

Based on your answers are there small changes you could / should make? 

For some it will be about making an effort to recycle. For others it will require a closet cleanout.  Still others might plan a move to a downsized space.  The important part is trajectory...that we are continually moving toward a better goal.  We can control the speed of that....whether it is fast or slow.

Just don't be afraid to ask the questions.

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