Spiritual Entrepreneurs

At this point in my life, I seem to be surrounded by spiritual explorers.  People who are going beyond any of the terrain I've ever been taught.  For them, it is about following God with wild adventure and abandon.

And as wonderful as the company is, I find that some parts of me are looking for the "new rules." (Yes, it would seem that all of that programming about rules still sits in shadow.)

So I've thought about what characterizes these spiritual entrepreneurs and here are my observations:

  • These people are living the type of things that Scripture is full of.  They serve the kind of God who did unusual things like make a donkey speak, have a prostitute save a nation, fall asleep at the foot of a kinsman...and they find none of this unusual.
  • They are those for whom love is "written on their hearts."  They don't have to spend a lot of time agonizing over what to do. They simply love people even if it takes them way outside the lines.
  • These people speak with deep humility and gratitude and ignore verbal battles and positioning.
  • There is a sharp contrast in how they lead, because they lead from places of deep experience rather than simply being the best student of the rules.

It occurs to me that in the pursuit of God, He will often invite us to travel to places that break our egos, make us let go of attachments and completely change our ways of seeing the world.

This life is a process of becoming more and more like Him.   

And if we want to be like Him--the type of people who would truly lay down our lives for others--then we are going to have to go through transformation.  And it appears that the invitation doesn't always look like were were taught it would.

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