Yoga retreat in Mexico

This week, John and I spent a week in Puerto Aventuras near Cancun.  The occasion was our 25th anniversary.  The opportunity was a yoga retreat led by Shanon Buffington.  It's hard to explain exactly the way the week made me feel. Joyful, relaxed, connected...  

We stayed at Hacienda Corazon--a large villa that housed the fourteen of us who went. In the mornings we practiced yoga for three hours in the courtyard with the sea breeze enhancing the practice.  (Note that John actually slept through that part.) Afternoons were spent snorkeling, kayaking, exploring or simply hanging out with the others on the trip. 

The teaching was transformational and the afternoons and evenings the perfect combination of activity and relaxation.  Part of the truly wonderful part of the week were the other people who went.  They were interesting, smart and funny--with incredibly diverse stories and senses of humor.  The chemistry was really good.

The yoga sessions were designed to go from the external to the internal throughout the week, and because time was moving at such a different pace than my normal life, there was enough space to really go deep with the practices and let them take hold.

There is something to spending focused time in a space of intense beauty.  And when that includes not only the scenery but also the people, it makes it that much richer. 

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