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Things you should know about Chase:
Chase is kind. Even as a kid, he noticed when there was suffering in others and took steps to intervene. At personal cost.

Chase enjoys people.  All of Chase's jobs have been in customer service.  As a waiter, at the AT&T store, as a bartender.

Chase is real.  He isn't into conspicuous consumption or doing things because you think he should.

Chase likes adventure.  Since he was a little kid he walked at 8 months, rode a bike without training wheels at 3 and wasn't completely happy until he was driving at 16.  At 19 he got a motorcycle and is currently into skydiving.

Chase loves Jesus. One of the most defining things about Chase is his relationship with Jesus.

Chase is graduating from college this weekend.  He has done this on his own.  He chose to go to college and figured it out. He has held down a job, filled out forms, navigated apartments, roommates and budgets, attended classes and taken tests.

Chase is an amazing kid and I'm so very, very proud of him.

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