My Year in 10 Images - 2012

So, here is what 2012 looked like for me in 10 images:

In January, I began In-Depth Yoga studies with Shanon Buffington .  With a weekend each month, additional classes, reading, homework and developing a personal practice, yoga became a much bigger part of the fabric of my life as I pursued RYT certification. It was a transformative adventure and I learned a lot. And I made some really great new friends.

For the first six months of the year, I worked with executive coach, Phill Martin who helped me clarify my goals and discover how I wanted to change my trajectory for this next chapter of my life.
As it turned out we had two BFF weekends this year with my high school friends.  One in May in the Metroplex and one in September in Kerrville--which was amazing.  I love these girls. We've known each other for a lifetime. 

We went to our family reunion in May at the Nazarene campground in Bonita New Mexico.  There was a lot of dominos, board games and conversation with people we love.  Plus, I got to meet Lexie Dale and the twins (Brenda and Kenda) who were a LOT of fun! 

In June, I took the motorcycle class and got my Class M license.  Then we traded my car for a Genuine Buddy Scooter and I became a cycle commuter.  Which turned out to be really, really fun! 

Also in June, Crosspointe's Theatre166 was struck by lightning. The story behind Theatre166 is that there are  168 hours in a week and the church uses the building for two of those hours.  The rest of the time, the facility is available for community use. The theatre has been rebuilt and is now open once again. 
John and I had our 25th anniversary in October.  We celebrated our actual anniversary with a quiet dinner, then snuggled on a couch to watch a movie that is special to us.  Two weeks later we spent a week in Mexico on a yoga retreat which was amazing. We really enjoyed the people on the trip.  A perfect balance of togetherness for just the two of us and community. 

Bethany took a semester at junior college to knock out some of her core classes.  Once finished, she made plans to transfer to San Antonio to finish her degree in economics. I was really proud of how organized, driven and responsible she was in pursuing her goals. 

John turned 50 and we had a big poker party to celebrate. 

Chase graduated from college this year--a communications major with a degree in rhetoric.  As it turns out, he is quite a writer.  (Which of course makes me joyful!) 


Melany aka Supermom said...

I hope 2013 will be a great year as well =)

RandomCathy said...

Melany! So fun to see you in the comments section. BTW, I loved your post about the dogs.

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