The Minimalist Bedroom Makeover

Lately, I've had trouble sleeping.  It might be that I've been sick (or it also might be that we've had an extra dog in the bed while babysitting Bethany's border collie, Mia.), but in any case, I really, really needed some sleep.

I read in one of my yoga books recently that aligning your bed north to south (to follow the magnetic current with your head to the north) could help with sleeplessness. 

And I was desperate. 

So I asked John if we could rearrange the room.  (Plus being sick, I was in bed a lot and had plenty of time to think on whether or not it was possible.)  

Since John was game, we reconfigured the space and in doing so, I decided to take a minimalist approach.  I took a painting off the wall and Goodwilled a lot of decorative tschotskes so that my surfaces would be clean like recommended in Simple Living - 30 days to less stuff and more life. I even minimized the candle garden since it had become dusty and had grown too big over time as I added stuff.

I found it was harder this time to "make the call" on what needed to go, but when I saw all the things sitting on the kitchen table to be boxed and donated, I realized that I didn't love any of it.  The important things still had a place. (And minimizing is about getting down to the things you love.)

I'm enjoying how calm the space feels. It continues to amaze me how a lack of visual clutter--even aesthetically pleasing clutter--can feel really good. 

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