Voices in our heads...

It takes discernment to be able to sort out "the voices in our heads."

We are bombarded by thoughts. Some of them mundane, some inspired, and many that are a constant source of judgement.

While at the retreat in Mexico, Shanon-the-Yogi said that there is a difference between our internal inspiration and the "voice of judgement." She said that you will always know which is which because the "voice of judgement" (or VOJ as Otto Scharmer terms it) will always attempt to justify itself.

Think about it.

Voice of inspiration: "I should sit down and paint today." 

Voice of judgement: "What? You can't do that. You have to do this, and this, and this. Painting is a terrible idea. It is going to suck completely. You will probably fail at it because of this and this and this." 

The spirit of love and forgiveness is open. Breathtakingly simple. And apparently, uses much fewer words.

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