We are not safe...

There are tragedies all around us. As I hear people tell the tales there is usually a point where they shake their head and try to offer a reason. And if you listen closely, you will find that there is usually something in that reasoning that puts them over the line...the line where they will be safe. It works something like this:

-  Well, their marriage fell apart because they had separate accounts on Facebook.
-  Her kids started doing drugs because she didn't homeschool.
-  He's still out of a job because he is too proud to work at McDonalds.

Yet every once in awhile, there are things that happen that we can't offer reasons for. There is no way to spin them so that we can feel safe. And yet people try. These are a few that I've heard:

- AIDS is God's judgement...
- That tornado hit because our county is the largest producer of meth...
- The list is endless...

With evil, we want cause and effect. Because if there is clear cause and effect, then we can make sure we are on the side of the line that is safe.

Yet here is the thing.  Evil is evil.  It doesn't play "fair." There is no mercy in evil. 

And when evil strikes a fatal blow, we are the ones who become the hands and feet of faith, hope and love stepping into the scene.

- We saw this at 911.
- After the tsunami.
- And on the smaller scales of daily service and kindnesses closer to home as beauty pours into the venues where evil has had its win.

The thing about evil is that it never gets the final say. And I think it is important to remember that.

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