Buying the T-Shirt

As I've been going through and continuing to minimize my possessions, I'm surprised at how many of them had to do with "buying the t-shirt."

When I first added yoga to my interests on Facebook, it tailored my sidebar with a flurry of yoga-related ads.  One day, I clicked through onto a site drawn in by a yoga t-shirt. As I shopped online, I found dozens of shirts I wanted. And as I thought about it later, I realized that I so wanted to be a yogi and it was super easy to look like one if I just bought the t-shirt.

In going through my "stuff" I am surprised at how many of my possessions follow this line of thinking. Rather than serving a real and useful purpose they are "props" to make me feel more like someone I want to be.

Maybe the magic of minimalism is that you come to it because you stop "needing the t-shirt." Because who you are on the inside is solid enough that you no longer need the scaffolding.

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