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I love the idea of using natural solutions in cleaning.  But it has to work.

Recently I read about soaking lemon rind in white distilled vinegar to produce a cleaning solution for glass and countertops.  And you know what?

It works! 

Countertops, stove, sink, my glass dining room tables.  It works like a charm.  And, there are no harsh chemicals.

You simply take the rinds from a lemon, or even a half a lemon with the juice squeezed out of it.  Throw it in a mason jar and cover with white distilled vinegar, then let sit overnight.  You can transfer to a spray bottle if you want...or you can do like me and just pour on a rag straight from the jar.

As I use the solution, I simply top it off, pull the old rinds out and put new ones in periodically.  It's great.  And, since I'm juicing and typically have a lot of lemon rinds anyway, it is practically free.

Do you have any natural cleaners that you make at home that work especially well?  Share them in the comments. 

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JoHothem said...

I have to mention the nontoxic, green cleaners I have been using since my girls were born. I love their whole cleaning system and concept. Check out The Clean Team:

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