Spending Fast?

I've been inspired by reading a couple of bloggers who went on a Spending Fast.  One blogger I read hadn't purchased anything new in 8 months. He talked about how for the first time in a long time gifts mattered. That when people gave him stuff, it wasn't something he would/could purchase for himself.

But then I thought: "Meh. I don't really buy that much."

That is until I thought about the Vacation Couch, the Scooter Clock, my new scarf, purse, and a ton of books for the Kindle and wondered if that were really true.

I thought about the money I spend on soy lattes, bubble tea and other luxuries. Which left me wondering:

Could I actually do a spending fast? 

There are places it would absolutely break down for me:

1) Socks, underwear, shoes and t-shirts. (which really should probably go without saying).
2) Any appliance.
3) Scooter-related safety gear.
4) Books (which I prefer to buy new so the author gets some money).

Then, what does that leave? Could I truly not buy anything new for a year?  Could I live a life of repair, replace and repurpose all in keeping with a theme of restoration?

And what would that look like?

These are new thoughts for me.  Still percolating in my head. But you can be sure if I figure it out, I will blog it.

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