The 30 minute secret that can change your life...

Want to know the most effective strategy for creating real and lasting change in your life?

Grab the first 30 minutes to an hour of each day for something that is important to you.

It may be your art, exercise, prayer, solitude...the importance isn't in the activity. The importance is the significance of that activity to you.

Jon Acuff often recommends waking up at 5 AM to work on your dream. He writes in his book, Quitter, that there are two important things to giving that timeslot to your dream.  The first is that no matter what happens during the rest of your day, you know deep down that you have done something that matters to you. The second is more subtle.  Not only are you still sleepy at that hour, but your inhibitions are sleepy too.  The voice inside your head that tells you that you can't hasn't woken up enough to start its negative diatribe.

Every important thing I've ever wanted to incorporate into my life began with the first hour of the day.  It is how I started writing, yoga, daily prayer, meditation, juicing...

Want to incorporate change? Start with the first 30 minutes. 

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