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One of the skills I've needed to learn while on my spending fast is how to restore clothes.

Because I ride a scooter, I often wear jeans to work. (I feel like they are "safer" than riding around in slacks or yoga pants.)  I usually choose a dark wash so that they are more dressy; however, jeans fade over time.

Normally, I buy new jeans and demote the old ones for weekend use.  However this time, buying a new pair wasn't an option, so...

I purchased a package of RIT Navy Dye.  The results were great (see photo). And the package of powder cost a mere $1.67.

I usually dye things in the washing machine.  In this case, I dyed two pair of jeans with one package of Navy dye.  I set the water level to "small" to concentrate the dye.  Using the hottest water temperature setting, I put the jeans in and waited until it filled to a level above them. (Because the fabric needs to be wet before the dye goes in so that it picks it up evenly). Then I added the dye powder, turned on the "extra rinse" cycle and walked away.

The jeans went straight in the dryer after that and were ready this morning.

After dyeing in your washer, you need to return the water level setting to full capacity and run an empty load with one cup of bleach to clean the machine from any remaining dye.

All of this fits really well with my restore theme for the year.  Who knew that some of the things would be so simple?

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Kristy said...

I have the fading-jeans problem too. It never occurred to me to try restoring them! That's so amazingly simple, I can't believe it never occurred to me. Come to think of it... I could start with faded jeans and end up with any color jeans! But not tie dye. I'm over that.

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