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I'm back in In-Depth Yoga studies this year with Shanon Buffington.

Last year when I took the training, I had no intention of teaching, so I absorbed from the standpoint of personal learning.  It was a revelation to me.  I learned so much about myself and how yoga affects energy.

Shanon is trained in the lineage of the Himalayan Institute, Rod Stryker, etc....

The thing I've found the most different in Shanon's classes than I've found in many others is the way she works with energy.

Energy isn't something we talk about much in our Western culture, but Eastern traditions understand it well.  It is the science of acupuncture, Ayurveda, and the martial arts.  

To be fair, most Westerners have experienced energy.  We know when we feel "down" or when we feel "up."

I think performers (actors, musicians, etc) understand the energy flow between people.  They've experienced how a "good" audience brings out their best performance and how a bad one leaves them flat.  Performers experience that interaction and the better ones learn to "work the energy" to create a good experience for the audience.

Maybe a more accessible analogy is a party.  Ever walked into a "dead" party? One that was completely flat? Ever walked into a great one? What did it do to your personal energy? Or maybe you the type of person who is drained by parties in general?

Yoga allows you to manage your energy.  To ground it when it is anxious or hyper.  To raise it when it is low. To release things (emotions, attachments, etc.) that block it.  

Last year I learned so much about how to do that for myself, that I really wanted to go through the program again to learn how to share it.  So, this year I'm serving as a teaching assistant along with Allyson-in-Triplicate.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it is worth taking one of Shanon Buffington's classes. Her schedule is on her website.  Even if you don't, there are a number of yoga studios around the country.  Try taking a yoga class and see what connects with you.

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