More advice from Leo Babauta

I mentioned earlier that I am being inspired by Leo Babauta's The Power of Less.  While I feel like I have a pretty good handle on "less" in my personal life, I don't feel that same balance in my work life. As I'm reading Babauta's book, I've found that "professional me" is in the front of my mind.

One of his challenges is to stick to a five-sentence limit for e-mails.

In addition to adjusting my workflow, I've been trying this out.

I tend to write e-mails like I talk.  They are stream of consciousness, and not always efficient or well-thought out from the perspective of the reader.

When you limit yourself to "less" in e-mail conversation, it is powerful.

To be fair, I didn't initially think it could be done.

But it can.

That coupled by Jason Womack's advice to make the subject line of the e-mail what you want the other person to do and I am soon to be an e-mail jedi.

Now I wonder what would happen if I started blogging in only five sentences.  Hmmm....

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