Of friends, growth and homogenization...

From dictionary.com
ho·mog·e·nize [huh-moj-uh-nahyz] verb
1. to form by blending unlike elements.
2. to prepare an emulsion, as by reducing the size of the fat globules in (milk or cream) in order to distribute them equally throughout.
3. to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function: to homogenize school systems.
4. Metallurgy . to subject (metal) to high temperature to ensure uniform diffusion of components.

I've found that friends over time homogenize.  We begin to speak the same language.  We create patterns of relating.  We build communities around common interests. 

And that is a wonderful, loving, comfortable place to be.  It feeds my soul. 

However, if I want to grow, I find I have to be exposed to people who are different from me.  People with different patterns, communities and interests. 

In homogenization, there is an equilibrium.  By it's very definition, it is about sameness. 

If there is an area you want to grow in, chances are you will need to find friends who are already ahead of you on that path.  

You will have to create times when you leave your homogenized lifestyle to spend time with others who exhibit the traits you want to grow in. 

Here is the thing.  You must choose wisely.  All communities move toward homogenization.  Make sure you are with people you want to be like. 

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